Who We Are

Zenia Mihevc


Yogi - Wife - Mom - Entrepreneur - Social Worker - Reiki Practitioner - Tree Hugger

Zenia began formal Yoga study almost fifteen years ago. She received her Integrative Yoga and Health Teacher Training in the Kripalu Tradition at Trinity Yoga Centre in Kelowna, BC in 2006 and has been teaching yoga ever since. Zenia completed her yoga teacher training alongside her Bachelor of Social Work degree and was amazed with the holistic parallels of connecting Mind Body and Breath in achieving overall health, wellness and balance.  Practicing yoga began as a form of self-care throughout her social work education and profession while she worked in various hospitals and community agencies.  The opportunities that arose for Zenia to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into her social work practice grew to such a degree that she was invited by the University of British Columbia to present at the 2007 Health Symposium where she delivered an experiential workshop to University Professors on Self-Care entitled “Meditation in Motion”. Through the development and facilitation of specialized yoga programs throughout the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia she began fondly recognized as “the yoga girl”.

Zenia has developed and taught yoga and mindfulness to a variety of audiences in a variety of settings throughout the Okanagan.  She was the Yoga Instructor at Crossroad Treatment Centre; offered weekly yoga classes to individual living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C; ran the UBC-Okanagan athletics yoga program; partnered with the Boys and Girls Club engaging at-risk youth through movement and self-inquiry; and the Central Okanagan Hospice Association in Kelowna BC. She also provided personal yoga sessions for individuals living with various abilities due to injury or illness.

Upon returning to her birth Province of Ontario in 2009, Zenia completed her Masters Degree in Social Work, Reiki Practitioner Level I & II, Children's Fitness Certification and continued her journey both “on and off".  She has been working towards completing her 500 Professional Yoga Teacher Training.

Zenia believes that yoga is available and accessible to all, regardless of age or ability and is passionate about bringing yoga “on and off” the mat to anyone and everyone!

She brings her joyful spirit and sense of humor to teaching and supports you in exploring your mind, body and breath. You will leave her classes feeling centered, relaxed and uplifted.

You can often find Zenia exploring the lush forests of the Durham Region. Zenia lives in the hamlet of Claremont with her husband Marko, their joyful and energetic boys Elliot and Wolfe, and pups Prudence and Oscar.

Vanessa Goeldner


Mom - Wife - Entrepreneur - Fitness lover - Foodie - Yogi - Spreadsheet Lover

Vanessa is an accidental wellness junkie. Though it wasn’t always the case, she’s learnt to embrace an active and (mostly) healthy lifestyle, whether it’s taking a hike in the forest, going for a run or just playing with her kids. It’s all about finding ways to move her body and stay active.  She has always found ways to incorporate physical fitness into her life, from playing soccer as a teenager and young adult, to trying out new sports like Ultimate Frisbee and even meeting her now husband of 10 years on a competitive Dragon Boat crew.  She returned to the wonderful world of sports in the summer of 2017 when she got back on the soccer field at 40 years young.

Her journey began after having returned to the corporate world after her fourth child.  As a lot moms can relate to, she really felt she had lost of piece of herself on the whole motherhood journey.  She knew she needed to start taking care of herself to make her a better mother, better wife and a better friend.  She started simply with an at-home workout program and learning about proper nutrition.  This led to an amazing 40 pound weight loss and also ignited a passion in health and wellness.   She started offering online fitness and wellness coaching to help others find ways to re-prioritize themselves and inspire them to become active participants in their own lives instead of living on the sidelines.  

Though she has this passion for health and wellness, Vanessa also strives in the corporate business world and has a drive in business.  Earning her Bachelor of Commerce degree from Dalhousie University, she has worked various roles in marketing, sales and product management in the financial sector.  She loves to identify opportunities and develop plans to meet business targets.  She gets much more excited if she can find a way to use excel everyday. No joke, she and her husband planned their entire wedding in a very large excel spreadsheet.

Vanessa’s health journey lead to exploring the more spiritual aspect of wellness and began to practice yoga more seriously.  It was then that she truly saw the connection of the body and mind.  This lead to pursuing her 200 hour yoga teaching certificate to help inspire others on their journey.  She learnt that self care, whether in the form of exercise, nutrition, or personal development, was a journey in connecting Mind Body and Breath. 

Living in the small hamlet of Claremont with her husband Chris and 4 boys – Jack, Cole, Matthew and Luke, Vanessa finally feels at home.  

She is looking forward to providing health and wellness services to this amazing community.