Reiki is a traditional Japanese therapeutic art that promotes stress reduction and healing through the "laying of hands". 

This non-invasive holistic therapy works with ones own life force (energy) to establish balance, healing and rejuvenation.

Some of the many Reiki benefits include:  

Stress reduction and promotes relaxation; relieves pain from many chronic and acute illnesses/injuries; provides relief from emotional distress; speeds up recovery from surgery or long-term illness; supports the maintenance of physical and emotional wellness.

Sessions are 60 mins 

Rate: $85 

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Private Therapeutic Yoga


Private Therapeutic Yoga sessions are uniquely designed for your physical and emotional bodies in order to obtain your therapeutic goals.  We will work collaboratively to determine your short-term and long-term goals. Whether you simply want to deepen your yoga practice, work specifically on body image, self esteem, emotional balance, mindfulness or cultivate relaxation techniques into your daily life.  

Private therapeutic yoga sessions create an amazing opportunity for you to connect with your body, mind and spirit. 

Sessions are ideal for pre/post-natal care, injury recovery or living with physical limitations, depression, anxiety or other mental health issues.

Sessions are 60 mins

Rate: $85

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Zenia Mihevc is a clinical social worker who supports individuals in discovering your own voice and inner strength to find balance and move forward in the lives of her clients. She can assist individuals in bringing awareness to that which may be a barrier for change or forward movement in their lives through various life challenges. Her unique approach combines yogic philosophy with person-centred social work within an ecological perspective.

Zenia's areas of specializations are in the treatment for depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief and loss, adjustment and life transitions, health problems, work-related stress and work-life imbalance for youth, adults and seniors. Zenia offers sessions "in and out of the office" tapping into nature's landscape though forest therapy and body-centred psychotherapy.

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